Problem / Solution
The Book Bin is a fantastic local bookstore that sells both new and used books in Salem and Corvallis Oregon.
The main purpose of this website was to give information and to draw people to come to their in-person locations. There is the ability to order books online for customers who prefer that, but the business owners at The Book Bin wanted to keep things more personal. For that reason, I created the site specifically to encourage checking out the in-store experience at their locations or calling them on the phone for questions or help. This promoted more in-store visits and building better inter personal relationships between customers and Book Bin staff.
For their new website, I also got to reinterpret the little amount of brand identity the Book Bin already had. All they had was a dark purplish blue and logo, so I read the content they gave me and decided they seemed to have a warm welcoming tone and resourcefully drew from that. I the type from their logo for the website header and added a warm yellow to their color palette, then used the words 'warm' and 'homey' as my guidelines in everything I did with the design.
Media: Adobe Xd
Skills used: web design, branding, resourcefulness

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