Problem / Solution
The 2021 International Compost Awareness Week theme this year was, "Grow, Eat, Compost, Repeat."
To fit the theme, I chose to create an image that showed a literal circle for your eyes to fallow that depicted that cycle. The title is bold so your eyes start there, then you follow the the tree down to where it is soaking up the nurturance  from the compost, then to the children, up to where the girl is grabbing something to eat.
I included the children to both communicate a sense of love and warmth, as well as show that compost is not only loving to our environment, it's also really easy to do and is something we  can teach our kids to do to be considerate and caring toward our world.
For the purpose of my portfolio, I reimagined this piece to be the cover of a illustrated book helping children to understand what composting is and why it's important. I did this to show my interest in doing more children's book illustration in the future.
Medium: Photoshop
Skills Used: illustration, layout

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